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When you need a home services professional, we've compiled the below list featuring a wide variety of contractors for easy reference. Please note these are simply suggested companies you may want to consider for home repairs who have been referred to us by home buyers and real estate agents who, in their experience, have found them to perform well at a reasonable price. Solid Ground is not affiliated with any of these companies.

Asbestos Testing/Removal/Abatement:

Charleston Mold Testing, 843-460-2835,
AirMD, 843-460-2835,
Abate & Insulate, 843-566-0164,
DECO - Demolition Environmental Company, 843-544-8408,

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Brick Masonry

Sam Rea Co., 843-452-1419        
Commonwealth Contracting, 843-200-9824,    


Meadors, 843-723-8585,

Priester's Custom Contracting, 843-200-8495,

Chuck Bennett Contracting, 843-577-7968, 

Evangeline Construction, 516-426-3988,

Archer Construction, 843-200-2540,

L. B. Construction, 843-568-5932,

Northwest Conservation (Historic Preservation & Rehabilitation), 208.254.0211
Fortner Group - General Contractors,843-212-4978, 
Blanton Construction, 843-813-8388,
Palmetto Construction Group, LLC, 843-442-0374, 
HomePro Services, 843-735-9973,
Contract Exteriors, 843-884-7010, 
Reliable Construction, 843-881-3499, 
Real Estate Repairs, 843-343-8033, 
Brown Contractors, 843-514-9258, 
Barney's Home Repairs, 843-813-6450, 
Campbell-Gallagher Construction, 843-296-9504, 
Cornerstone Contracting, 843-801-4581,
Eagle Ray Enterprises, 843-345-2483

Carpet Cleaning:

Lowcountry Citrus Solutions, 843-906-7997,

Chimney Sweeps / Repairs:

Ashbusters, 843-225-9985,

Sweep and inspection: $249

Charleston Chimney Sweeps, 843-200-5964, 

Chimney cleaning/inspection: $200

Chimney Care, 843-871-9030,  

Ace Fireplace, 843-873-1671,

Coastal Chimney, 843-251-3316,


Cleaning (Exteriors):

Lowcountry Soft Washing, 843-973-0969,

PowerWash Plus, 843-324-1239,

JM Professional Cleaning, 843-730-2792,

Ambassador Window/Siding/Roof/Gutter Cleaning/Maintenance, 843-766-6890,


Imperial Docks, 843-478-3426, 
American Dock & Marine, 843-795-2999, 



Let There Be Light, 843-214-8198,
Watson Electrical, 843-414-0700, 
Thompson Electrical Contractors, 843-708-8810, 
Loop Electric, Inc., 843-559-5667, 
Chip Pettapiece, 843-460-8155 
John Busche, 843-452-1590



Giles Professional Services -- Residential Elevator and Stairlift Installation/Repair/Service, 843-818-8081, 

  • inspection of 3-stop residential elevator: $200 

Coastal Elevators and Lifts, 843-557-0106, 

  • inspection of  1-stop or 3-stop residential elevator: $350

Otis Elevator Company, 843-529-9502,  



Homeland Exterminating, David Borduik, 843-695-0017 office, 843-532-7712 cell

Cingo Pest Control,  843-745-0203,


Fence Craft, 576-9881, 
A+ Fence Company, 843-881-2811,
Carolina Fence Company, 843-821-0486, 


Ashbusters Chimney Service, 843-285-6237, 

Ace Fireplace, 843-873-1671,


John Griffiths Hardwood Flooring, 843-442-5366, 
Timberland Wood Floors LLC, 843-696-2848, 
MaxCARE Professional Floor Care, 843-577-9401, 
Wilson's Carpet Plus, 843-971-9663, 


Crawlspace ER, 843-543-2200,

Crawlspace Medic, 854-444-7140,

Complete Crawlspace, 843-751-3636, 

Lowcountry Crawlspaces, 843-259-8154,

Crawlspace Cowboys, 843-927-2959,
CNT Foundations, 843-577-7268, 

Cantey Foundation Specialists, 843-261-5651,
Mt. Valley Foundation, 1-800-333-8819, 
RamJack, 843-763-9666 or 1-866-735-3085, 

Foundations & Crawlspaces:

Garage Doors:

Acme Doors, 843-873-8770,


Sea Island Residential, 843-593-3049,

Gutter Masters, 843-720-4174, 
360 Gutter LLC, 843-991-4871, 
Litchfield Seamless Gutters & Windows, 843-708-4346, 

Handyman/Home Repairs & Inprovements:


L. B. Construction, 843-568-5932, 
Charleston Handyman Solutions, 843-732-4776, 
CNJ Services, 843-685-3920, 
C&L Services LLC, 843-345-5084, 
Jim Burke, 843-458-5406, 
First Team Construction, 843-873-8030,
Charleston Real Estate Repairs, 843-452-1025, 
Rapid Repairs, 843-573-4357, 
Preferred Home Services, 843-405-3601, 
Brendan Powers, 843-847-7931,


Holy City Heating & Air, 843-258-6310,

Carolina Climate Control, 843-870-2076,

Preferred Home Services (Plumbing & HVAC), 843-474-6565, 

Five Star Heating & Cooling, 843-406-1700,
Myatt HVAC, 843-795-0229, 
LIMRIC Plumbing, Heating & Air, 843-225-2665, 
Charleston Heating & Air, 843-216-9966, 
McClelland & Clanton Electrical Heating and Air, 843-928-4005  
Sing Heating, 843-744-8211, 

Kitchen Appliance Repair:

Aviv Service Today, 843-769-5355, 
Eurotechs Appliance Service & Repairs, 843-367-4559,, 
*specializes in high end appliances
Sears Home Services (Repair Service), 800-949-7186, 


Johnson Landscaping, 843-766-4922


Mold & Air Quality:

Charleston Mold Testing, 843-460-2835,

Indoor air quality test cost: $300-$400

Palmetto Environmental Solutions, 843-310-0110 (Charleston area),

Indoor air quality testing: $250 for 1 story ($350 for 2 stories) house w/ 2000 sq.ft.

Advanta Clean, 843-577-5995,

Indoor air quality testing: $260

Green Home Solutions, 843-779-1725,

Biosweep Southeast, 843-375-6627,  

Alliance Air Quality Services, 843-577-0077 

Biotek Environmental, 843-323-1321, 

Air Quality


Hayes Painting, 864-809-4498,


Blitch Plumbing, 843-795-9674, 
Preferred Home Services (Plumbing & HVAC), 843-474-6565, 
Harrington Plumbing, 843-881-0565, 
ACME Plumbing, 843-324-5800, 
Papa's Plumbing, 877-959-4243, 
American Leak Detection (Identifying leaks in slab foundations), 843-873-9790, 
Leak Masters USA (Identifying leaks in slab foundation), 843-637-4585,

Power and Soft Washing -- Exteriors/Siding:

Lowcountry Soft Washing, 843-973-0969,

PowerWash Plus, 843-324-1239,

Ambassador Window/Roof/Gutter/Siding Cleaning & Maintenance, 843-766-6890,


Sea Island Residential, 843-593-3049, 
Williford Roofing, 843-760-9500, 
First Quality Roofing, 843-412-5672, 
Action Roofing, 843-296-5076 
Lowcountry Roofing & Exterior, 843-303-4080, 
Charleston Roofing & Exteriors, LLC, 843-203-5555, 
G&S Supply Company, 843-614-6000 

Solar Panel

Solar Panel Inspections:

Raywell Solar, 843-203-0320,

Septic Tank:

A-1 Septic Tank Sewer Services, 843-761-6244, 

$395 for tank pump and inspection

Knights Company's Septic Tanks, 843-873-3930, 

$600 septic system/tank inspection

Island Septic Systems, 843-559-3491, 

$375-$400 to pump tank + $175 for inspection

Lawn sprinklers

Sprinkler/Irrigation System (Lawn):

Z's Irrigation, 330-8714 

$75 system diagnostic

Carolina Turf Irrigation, 843-696-5640, 

$135 system diagnostic

Distinctive Irrigation, 843-296-4279, 

Structural Engineers

Structural Engineers:

SC Consulting, 720-237-3274, 
Residential Structures, 843-749-2797, 
CRG Engineering, 843-266-0700 
Sisnroy Engineering, 843-795-0450 
Applied Building Sciences, 843-724-1456, 


Stucco Inspections:

David Blackburn, 843-283-0557, 

$400 1,500 sqft, 1 story house inspection

$600-$650 2,500 sqft, 2 story house inspection

Scott Flanders, 843-514-0901, Active Stucco Inspector/Moisture Analyst/Building Envelope II


Swimming Pools:

Aqua Blue Pools, 843-767-7665, 

$125 pool inspection

Atkinson Pools & Spas, 843-881-3068, 

$175 pool inspection

Heritage Pools, 762-3417, 

$225 pool Inspection

Pool Sharks, 843-200-0351 

$100 pool inspection

Maritime Pools, 843-708-9414, 

$170 pool inspection

Tree Trimming & Removal:

Carolina Pine Tree Service, 843-452-1152

Winthrop Tree Service, 843-402-0588,

Complete Tree Service, 843-814-4545, 
Charleston Stump Stompers & Tree Service, 843-881-6141, 
Charleston Tree Experts, 843-952-8300,  

Stump Grinding, 843-300-2979 

Charleston Tree Experts, 843-952-8300,

C & N Tree Service, 843-673-0228,

Underground Oil Tanks:

Envirosmart, 843-722-0062, 



JP Anderson, 843-889-8675, 

$275 general inspection and bacteria test

Culligan Water Testing, 843-258-8475, 

Wildlife Removal:

Northwest Conservation (Bat & Wildlife Removal), 208.254.0211,


Sea Island Residential, 843-593-3049, 

The Glass Guru of Charleston, 843-640-3270, 
Window World, 843-579-0706, 
Holliday Home Improvements, 843-689-2140, 
Trainum Brothers Glass Co., 843-330-1879 
Coastal Siding & Windows, 843-763-1464,

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