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Why choose Solid Ground? Our Total Value Bundle is Unmatched.  


When you choose Solid Ground for your home inspection, we'll provide peace of mind every step of the way. Each comprehensive home inspection will include the following . . . 


Interactive Home Inspection -- we’ll teach you all about your new house!


  • One of our Certified Home Inspectors will take you through the house top to bottom, inside and out. He’ll show you all the parts and pieces of the home and how all the equipment and appliances work. Then, if there are any repair needs, they’ll explain what’s going on, what needs to be done to make the repair and about how soon it should be addressed.

  • As a result, we highly recommend that you attend the home inspection if you can -- this will be especially helpful if you’re a first-time home buyer, if you’re buying a brand new house, if you’re buying an older/historic/renovated house or, if you’re moving to Charleston from out-of-state. 

Thermal imaging scan of the house with infrared camera -- included!

  • At the end of the inspection, we’ll scan the house with an infrared camera just to be sure there isn’t a roof or plumbing leak  or hot electrical wires lurking somewhere that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Our Infrared-Certified® Home Inspectors are well-trained in the use and analysis of the thermal-imaging camera.

Roof inspection via state-of-the-art Drone -- included!

  • We can inspect every roof, no matter how tall! As the drone flies over the roof, it provides real-time video and pics to the home inspector via his smart phone for viewing by all those attending the inspection (weather permitting).

New! Sewer Scope Inspection with Video Camera (optional)

  • Now, we can see into your home’s underground sewer line to identify repair needs such as clogs from tree roots or construction debris or other damage such as cracks/sags/deterioration, etc. Don't wait until you need to call a plumber! Add a Sewer Scope to your home inspection and be sure your sewer line is in good shape and plumbing is flowing smoothly before you move in -- Just $100 for homes on a slab or $150 for homes on a crawlspace for this specialty inspection.

Electronic Inspection Report

  • Emailed to you and your Realtor the next day (or sooner when you need a quick turnaround -- just let us know!

90 Day Basic Structural & Mechanical Home Warranty -- included!

  • Starting on the day of the inspection, this  short-term warranty is intended to help cover the cost of an unforeseen repair for an item which happens to break or malfunction after the inspection.  

RepairCheck (optional)

  • If the seller makes repairs before closing, we’ll come back out to the house when repairs are complete to ensure the work was done and that it’s professional in nature -- the fee is $150 for this optional service.


After-Inspection WalkThru (optional)

  • Just for those home buyers who can't attend their inspection because you live out of state or are traveling, we'll schedule another time for a WalkThru when you're available so that your home inspector can take you through your house top to bottom, inside and out. At your WalkThru, he'll show you how all the equipment and appliances work and go over the repair needs which were identified in the inspection report. 

  • This optional service is great for first-time home buyers, those buying an older home or those moving to Charleston from another part of the country. The fee is $100 for this optional services.  ​


Free consultation for as long as you own your home!

  • After you move in, if you ever have any questions about your home, we’re happy to consult with you over the phone, via email or stop by when we're in your part of town to get you the information or assistance you need.​

2024 Pricing Structure Jan 2024.png

Pre-Purchase Inspection Fees

*Homes larger than 3,500 sq.ft., please call for a quote

*Homes with a crawlspace and elevated homes: +$75 - 100 tbd per square footage

*Homes with a detached garage: +$50 

*Homes with a detached garage and a FROG or apartment: tbd per square footage, please call for a quote

*Sewer Line Inspection: $100 homes on slab, $150 homes on crawlspace

*In-ground Swimming Pool Inspection: $150   (structural/mechanical/safety)

r pre-drywall, crawlspace, partial or repair inspections, wind mitigation, 4 point insurance inspections, please call for a quote. 

Let us show you the value we can add to your home buying, home selling or homeownership experience. Call us to schedule your inspection today!


Let's get to know your home.

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