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Already own a home? 

For homeowners, we have a range of inspection services to help you keep monitor the condition of your home over time, so you can keep it in great shape. 

  • Home Maintenance Inspections -- If you've lived in your house for a while, but not ready to sell, you may want to know its condition and if there are any maintenance repairs needed.    

  • Crawlspace Inspections -- Haven't thought about your crawlspace since you moved in? Its a good idea to have your crawlspace inspected periodically to ensure moisture content is within normal range, there are no active plumbing leaks and no wood rot. 

  • Thermal Imaging Inspections -- If you think you might have a roof leak or moisture where it shouldn't be, let us know and we'll be happy to do an infrared scan of the area to let you know if have a roof leak, plumbing leak or other water intrusion which needs repair. 

  • Repair Inspections -- If you're doing any renovating or repairs, let us know and we can come out to conduct a Repair Inspection to make sure that all the work is completed in a professional manner and/or sufficiently resolves the repair need.  

  • Rental Property Inspections -- We can inspect your rental property after tenant move-out to let you know what repairs are needed.  We can also perform an annual inspection of your vacation property to let you know if there are any repairs you'll want to make to ensure all is good working order for the comfort of your vacationers. 

  • 'Move-In Rental Inspection' --  Just for new tenants, we can perform a special inspection to let them know safety features of their new home and how to operate key systems in your home, such as the HVAC, to keep it in good shape during their residency. 

  • Wind Mitigation Inspections -- To help save you money on your homeowner's insurance policy, a Wind Mitigation Inspection will assess your home's ability to withstand hurricane-force winds by identifying construction features that have been shown to reduce losses in hurricanes.

  • 4 point Insurance Inspections -- Often requested by insurance companies when making a change to your policy, a 4 point inspection will only assess a few components of your home to report key information about the systems and their condition. 

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