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We can inspect every roof -- no matter how tall!

We've equipped all of our home inspectors with state-of-the-art drones to help them conduct roof inspections, which, as you can imagine, can be a tricky business. 


Now, with a highly capable drone in our tool kit, we can inspect the roof on every type of home (weather permitting of course) providing extra peace of mind for home buyers and those who are especially concerned about the roof’s condition.

The roof is an important component of the house and most home buyers express the specific desire to learn about the roof's condition when scheduling their home inspection. Specifically, they want to know if there are any active roof leaks, past repairs to the roof, if there are repairs needed and how much life the shingles still have left before they need to be replaced.


Traditionally, home inspectors inspect a roof by walking on it and/or viewing it from a ladder at the roof's edge or from an upstairs window, and/or view it from the ground with a camera and zoom lens or binoculars. However, home inspectors can't walk on steep-sloped roofs and they can't get on very tall roofs even with a ladder. Some roofs are so tall that you can't see them even from the top of a ladder! And roofs in poor condition shouldn’t be walked on at all.


*As the drone flies over the roof, it provides real-time video and pics to the home inspector via his smart phone for viewing by all those attending the inspection and leaves the inspector safely on the ground. 

In fact, our drones have come in super handy when we are inspecting two-story homes on an everyday basis, but also elevated beach houses which are so tall we have a hard time seeing the roof (even on a ladder!) and we can't walk on them either due to height or design of the roof. Plus, we now have full view of even the tallest roofs around town including townhouses and condominium buildings. 

 See a video of our drone hard at work ... 


*Please note that when it's raining or very windy, we aren't able to fly the drone. However, we're happy to come back another day to do the roof inspection via drone if we aren’t able to do a sufficient traditional roof inspection that day*.

Certified Drone Pilot.png

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